Sunday, September 9, 2007

Buttermilk Scones

I've been trying to find recipes to use up the buttermilk that I bought last week to make muffins. So I decided to make buttermilk scones. I really am trying to cut back on the amount of white flour that I consume, but life isn't about following all the rules that I've made up for myself, not all the time anyways. :)
I've never really had a lot of scones before, but these were quite yummy. Not too rich or fattening. To me, a good mix between a dense cake/muffin & a biscuit. I'm sure they taste better slightly warm versus a day old, but I didn't risk waiting a day to find out.
I basically followed the recipe, but increased the amount of sugar & vanilla extract a bit. Instead of dried cherries, I used dried cranberries & added 1 tsp of orange extract. Orange zest would work nicely also. Same goes for lemon extract/zest.

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