Monday, December 24, 2007

Disaster After Disaster

What happens when you make Divinity for the first time in your life & it doesn't turn out because you didn't whip it enough?? Well, you can't waste it & throw it away, so you try to find some kind of use for it. In my case, I tried to use it as "marshmallows" to make Rocky Ledge bars! How brilliant am I? Well, not so brilliant when it doesn't turn out. The Divinity was a failure because I did not whip it until the gloss/shine was gone & the rocky ledge bars just didn't cut clean. I thought the ratios seemed a little off, there was awfully a lot of filling to flour ratio. Plus I added some nuts & pineapples, so I'm guessing that contributed to a bar that was a little harder to cut. Not sure I'm brave enough to try either one again, but I'm hoping I will. Joe didn't seem to have any problems with his bars? Hmm, sometimes baking just makes you wonder what exactly went wrong!?!?!? Too bad that can be quite difficult to answer at times. Plus I cut the recipe in half, because a 9X13 pan is always too much! I make all these changes, then I complain about it not turning out as anticipated! That's the story of my baking life. :)

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Cookie baker Lynn said...

I think the biggest factors for getting divinity right are #1 - the humidity, and #2 - cooking the syrup to the correct temperature. Then beat for 10 to 15 minutes. And if it still doesn't work, cry and have a sugar fiend friend come over to scoop up the sugary puddles.